Set List

We play songs people like…  These are a few of them


Avici                                                                                           Wake Me up

Alice In Chains                                                                      The Rooster

Aerosmith                                                                               Sweet Emotion

Allman Brothers                                                                   Midnight Rider

Beastie Boys                                                                          Sabotage

Beck                                                                                          Loser

Blind                                                                                          Melon No Rain

Beatles                                                                                     Hide your  Love  Away

Beatles                                                                                     Ticket To Ride

Bedouin Sounclash                                                            Night Feels My Song

Blink 182                                                                                 I MIss You

Blink 182                                                                                Feeling this

Bill Withers                                                                            Use Me

Bob Marley                                                                            Is This Love?

Bob Marley                                                                            Could You Be Loved

Black Keys                                                                             Lonely Boy

Bowie                                                                                     Space Oddity

Bowie                                                                                     Ziggy Stardust

Bowie                                                                                     The Man  Who Sold the World

Bruno Mars                                                                           Locked Out Of Heaven

City and Colour                                                                  Sleeping Sickness

Rage Against The Machine                                            Bulls On Parade

Coldplay                                                                                Fix You

Coldplay                                                                               Clocks

Coldplay                                                                               Viva La Vida

Counting Crows                                                                Mr. Jones

Crowded House                                                               Don’t Dream It’s Over

Cure                                                                                      Close To Me

Cure                                                                                       Lovecats

Cyndi Lauper                                                                     Time   After Time

Dallas Green                                                                      Fragile Bird

Daft Punk                                                                           Get Lucky

Dixie Chicks                                                                      Landslide

Eagles                                                                                Hotel California

Eagles                                                                                Life In The Fast Lane

Elvis Costello                                                                 Watching the Detectives

Foo Fighters                                                                   Everlong

Foo  Fighters                                                                  My Hero

Fun                                                                                    We Are Young

Gnarls Barclay                                                             Crazy

Group Love                                                                   Tongue Tied

Guns and Roses                                                          Paradise City

Guns and Roses                                                         Sweet Child of Mine

Hoobastank                                                                The  Reason

Jamirique                                                                    Virtual Insanity

Janes Addiction                                                        Been  Caught Stealing

Jimmy Eat World                                                      Sweetness

Joe Jackson                                                                Is She Really Going Out With Him

Johnny Cash                                                               Fulsom Prison Blues

Johnny Cash                                                               Ring Of Fire

Journey                                                                        Don’t Stop    Believin’

Kings of Leon                                                             Use Somebody

Kings Of Leon                                                            Sex  On Fire

Lenny Kravitz                                                            Fly  Away

Lou Reed                                                                    Walk On The Wild Side

Maroon Five                                                              Moves Like Jagger

Macklemore                                                             Thrift Shop

MIA                                                                               Paper Planes

Mumford and Sons                                                I Will Wait

Mumford and Sons                                                Little Lion Man

Muse                                                                           Hysteria

Muse                                                                           Madness

Metric                                                                        Gimme Sympathy

Neil Young                                                               Heart Of  Gold

Neil Young                                                               Old  Man

Nirvana                                                                    All Apologies

Nirvana                                                                   Lithium

Oasis                                                                        Don’t Look Back In Anger

Oasis                                                                        Wonderwall

Pearl Jam                                                               Alive

Pearl Jam                                                              Daughter

Pearl Jam                                                             Better Man

Peter Gabriel                                                       In Your   Eyes

Peter Gabriel                                                      Solsbury Hill

Pink Floyd                                                           Comfortably Numb

Pink Floyd                                                           Wish You Were Here

Police                                                                    Walking On The  Moon

Police                                                                    Everything She Does Is Magic

Police                                                                    So Lonely

Queen                                                                   Under Pressure

QOTSA                                                                   Go With The Flow

QOTSA                                                                   No One Knows

Ray Charles                                                        The  Night Time Is The Right Time

Radiohead                                                         Creep

Radiohead                                                         High and Dry

Radiohead                                                         Karma  Police

Red Hot  Chilli Peppers                                Suck My Kiss

REM                                                                      Man On The Moon

Rolling Stones                                                 Wild   Horses

Rolling  Stones                                               Can’t Always Get What You Want

Simon and Garfunkel                                  Mrs.  Robinson

Spacehog                                                         In The Meantime

Steppenwolf                                                   Magic Carpet  Ride

Stevie  Wonder                                              Higher Ground

Stone  Temple Pilots                                  Vasoline

Sublime                                                          Santeria

Talking Heads                                              Burning Down The  House

Talking Heads                                              Psycho Killer

Tragically Hip                                              Ahead By A Century

Third Eye Blind                                           Semi-Charmed  Life

Tenacious D                                                 Tribute

Tom Waits                                                     I Don’t  Want To Grow  Up

Tool                                                                 The  Pot

Tragically  Hip                                             Little Bones

Tragically Hip                                              It’s  A  Good Life…

The Band                                                      The  Weight

Tom Petty                                                      Free Falling

Tom Petty                                                      Mary Jane’s Last Dance

U2                                                                    Where The Streets Have  No  Name

U2                                                                    Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

U2                                                                    With Or Without You

Led   Zeppelin                                             Over the Hills and Far Away

Weezer                                                           My Name Is Jonas

Weezer                                                           I Want You To…

The Who                                                        Behind Blue Eyes

311/The Cure                                              Love song